The nature of the Alta Murgia National Park


Candidate to become a Unesco Geo Park, this protected area is one of the most unspoiled corners of Puglia; here, the gaze can open 180 ° in front of spectacular rolling landscapes, far from the usual tourist destinations.

The Murgia

The Alta Murgia National Park covers an area of ​​68,000 hectares and includes 13 municipalities, each with unique traditions and dialects. It is the largest pseudo-steppe on the Italian mainland (the other one is on Sardegna island). Characterized by a huge biodiversity that colors its landscapes in a profoundly different way from season to season. The hawks are the masters of the Murgian skies; looking up it is easy to see them circling in search of prey. A true paradise for nature lovers and more!

Fully integrated into the landscape, the architectural heritage, made up of dry stone sheepfolds, Trulli and old farms, tells of a genuine agricultural civilization that has inhabited this land for centuries.

A hilly area, which lends itself perfectly to being explored on a bicycle.

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