Terms and conditions of travel

Our company “4cycling ‘n trek” works in collaboration with the Tour Operator “AuthenticPuaglia Tours”.

What’s our work?

We take care of all the management of the services included in the travel package: customer reception, organization of the experiences included in the program,  Nature Guides, luggage transfer, processing and delivery of the GPS tracks of the itinerary, bicycle rental, and customer support in each phase of the journey).

What’s the work of our partner?

He manages the technical organization and marketing of the Transmurgiana package.

If you decide to experience the pedal adventure we have designed, you need only book it on this website.

After the booking, you will receive the travel contract via email from AuthenticPuglia Tours with the request for deposit payment.

Cancellation policy

Upon booking, you will receive the travel contract by email with a request for payment of 25% of the fee (as a deposit and registration). The Balance must be paid within 45 days of departure. Those who register after the 45th day before departure will have to pay the full amount of the fee. Should you cancel your booking within 60 days of departure, we will refund the entire amount except the bank transfer costs; canceling the reservation between 60 and 45 days from departure of the trip we will treat 25% of the amount paid. If you cancel your registration after the 45th day of departure, we will keep 80% of the fee; canceling the reservation in the last 7 days before departure we will keep 100% of the amount paid.

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