Fattoria della Mandorla

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Founded in 1989 in Quasano – Toritto (BA), in the Alta Murgia National Park by Dino and Isabella Latrofa, Fattoria della Mandorla, an innovative almond seed supply chain in the world, is a family company born to enhance the almond seed through the Almond Innovation research and development project, using the Toritto Almond, an ancient and indigenous Filippo Cea cultivar.

Since 2014, Innovation is the driving force behind every Almond farm project.
From this desire to create something new, the line of hard-paste vegetable alternatives such as Mandorino, Maciotta and Gran Murgiano and the line of spreads such as Mandorella and Mandonese are born. All the result of the processing of our 100% organic soluble almond milk, the Mandolat.

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